In Poland road transport is the most common mode for oversize cargo. It plays the important role in special deliveries on short and middle distances. The advantage of the road transport is relatively fast carriage and direct delivery to the buyer/receiver/contractor.

The following criteria are to be fulfilled for oversize cargo transported by road:

1) alternative means of transport, i.e. rail, ship or barge, cannot be used.

2) cargo is not dividable and cannot be transported by standard vehicles with standard axle load and dimensions,

3) the permit for transit from the appropriate road administration was received,

4) road traffic on the designated route enables the save oversize cargo transport,

5) oversize transit will not difficult the standard road traffic on the long stretch of the route and do not compromise road safety, 6) technical condition of the road infrastructure objects within the designated route, determined under the provisions of the building law, permits oversize transport,

7) passage causes no danger to the technical condition of the other constructions located in the vicinity of the transit route,

8) there is possibility to designate the transit route, that enable safety and road transport effectiveness.

Worrisome is the fact, that increase of oversize transporting Poland is mostly connected with road transport. It brings fewer safety and more burdensome for society and natural environment. According to the data of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Division in Szczecin, there were about 1000 permits for transit issued in 2007, 1100 in 2008 and 1300 in 2009. In contrast, PKP Polish Railway Lines Company, Rail Traffic Management Branch in Szczecin, recorded only 28deliveries in the last three years that widely exceeded gauge and axle load, needed special train and/or rail infrastructure components dismantling or rail traffic suspension.